Thursday, July 24, 2014

Laurel Lake

Laurel Lake is a working class community that is half inside the border of Millville and half inside Commercial Township. The actual lake divides the two municipalities. I don't know a whole lot about the "Millville side" (as locals call it), but the Commercial Twp. side was practically my second home growing up. My grandparents lived there as well as my aunts and uncles.

In the 1950s, Laurel Lake was advertised as a summer resort community. As you travel the streets they are all named after flowers and birds. You'll also notice the houses are mostly tiny bungalows or mobile homes -- not meant to be occupied year-round, but they are now. Typical houses:

Another thing I love about Laurel Lake is the mid-century A-frame houses you find every here and there!

Laurel Lake is a very tiny community. It's a heavily-wooded lakeside community where you might see broken down cars in the yards and wide-open front doors. Laurel Lake has a sub shop, a corner store, and a liquor store on Buckshutem Road, which is the main road traveling through the community. Lake Shore Drive is a lovely scenic road that is right along the edge of the lake. There is a small beach open to the public -- I remember walking there as a child. Most of the lake is privately-owned piers, though.

I have many memories of Laurel Lake growing up: -My grandmother's annual christmas get-together has been held there every year since I can remember. -Walking and riding my bike with my aunt. -Swimming in the lake. -Begging my mom to "drive around the lake" every time we went to visit family. -My first boyfriend lived there! Laurel Lake is always a great area to drive through and photograph when I venture to South Jersey.

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